Undergraduate Senior Capstone Project: GroupLoop

About This Project

Through research, my team discovered that people communicate with the groups they are a part of through multiple mediums, which is messy and risks information loss. To tackle this problem,  I:

  • Conducted competitive analyses and interviews with target users
  • Created and analyzed questionnaires
  • Created and iterated on wireframes of our design
  • Performed multiple rounds of usability tests with target users on the design

The result was an interactive medium-fidelity prototype of a desktop application that allows people to manage all of their groups in one place. Features included a shared calendar, announcements section, shared file storage, private messages, member contact information, the ability to see multiple group information at once, and a homepage that focused on a feed of recent updates.

My Contribution 

I completed three rounds of user testing during the course of our six-month project, contributed to the design of specific screens in each of the three design iterations, created and distributed surveys, and completed user interviews. I also finalized the functionality and color scheme.