POSSIBLE - Residential Window Wizard Proof of Concept

About This Project

A UX architecture / decision tree project I worked on as a proof of concept while freelancing for POSSIBLE. The goal of the window wizard is to help residential customers pick out the best windows for their home. The wizard would work both for customers building a new home, as well as customers who are replacing their current windows. As most homeowners replace windows only once or twice for the duration they are living in a particular home, we wanted to make the process as simple and painless as possible so as not to overwhelm.

My Contribution

Over the course of this project, I:

  • Conducted a series of 3 stakeholder interviews with different branches of the client company: residential sales reps, showroom reps, and home improvement store reps
  • Conducted and presented a competitive analysis to the client team
  • Iterated on 6 versions of a window-choosing wizard based on tone and user goals
  • Determined decision tree mapping questions, branching, and answer combinations, and presented multiple times to the client

Design Direction 2 - Screenshots