About This Project

Working on a productivity app is an idea I've played with on and off for a few years now. It started when I wanted to teach myself how to code a mini GUI window using Jframes after finishing my computer science pre-requisites. That project ended up being a timer that alerts you once an hour to remind you to take a short break from whatever you're doing and come back fresh. 

After continuing to work on projects revolving around productivity and time management (see the GroupLoop and My Campus projects for reference), I realized that I wanted to take the best features from all of these projects and create a productivity app that I and hopefully others would find helpful. I'm also excited to be able to work on a project from start to finish, and in particular getting to learn more about visual design and mobile app development. 

I will be updating this page as I complete each project task, so check back periodically for updates!


Rough Project Timeline


My first goal was to draw out a rough timeline. Since this is a side project, I don't have a strict deadline, but I still wanted to keep in mind the general process. Basically, of starting with an idea of the current market and a research plan before designing, while continuing to ideate and research while designing, and to design iteratively while testing. Development and testing go hand in hand as well, but also depends on how much I am able to do on my own.


I started by listing out features I had designed in similar projects, and the features I thought would be relevant to the project. I also wrote dow as man variations and details of those features that I could think of, so that I would have multiple ideas to try out and research. I also started a running list of interactions and visuals that have popped into my head to try out at a later stage.