About This Project

A leading music app client needed me to update wireframes and mockups for the in-car touch screen version of their app. 

Project Rationale

This project was commissioned because new features had been added to the app. The interface and annotations needed to reflect that new functionality. 

Design Features

Updates were made to reflect such new features as artist playlists, genre/mood playlists, and play queues. 

Design Constraints

Constraints for this project involved screen size and physical hardware functionality. Vehicle safety concerns were also addressed, such as disabling buttons while the car is in motion. 

My Contribution

Team and Timeline

I worked as the sole designer on this project for about one week. I collaborated with the client product manager and third-party project manager.

Design Process

Working with an itemized list of new features sent by the client, I turned functional specifications into wireframes and visuals. To make this a reality, I clarified item functionality, updated icon designs, and redesigned layouts based on business requirements. Tools included Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. 


This is only an excerpt of the full deliverable, and app-specific wording and logos have been removed per the NDA agreement.

Project Outcome

This project received an 'A' grade from the client and led to many further projects for me with that same client.