Wanderlust Android App

About This Project

I worked as part of a team to create an app that would encourage you to explore your neighborhood. The app allows you to find and create time-sensitive points of interest and current events. My work included:

  • Conducting contextual interviews with target users
  • Creating a concept video
  • Creating low, medium, and high fidelity prototypes, and conducting usability tests on them
  • Presenting the project to members of industry and academia

My Contribution 

I completed this project over a period of six months, as part of a 5-person team. In my role as a user test supervisor, I was responsible for making sure user testing went smoothly and was completed. I also contributed to each stage of our design: contextual inquiries, task analysis, concept video, low-fidelity user testing, pilot and field usability tests, and interactive prototypes. I more specifically designed the 'create a new point of interest' and 'create new meetUp' screens on the later prototypes.